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The Breitling Replica and Swiss manufacturer, located in Le Locle, near Neuchatel has partnered up with Breitling to sponsor the most difficult sailing race in the world. UN created the Diver X Nemo Point and Diver X Cape Horn - watches that bring the X-factor to tackle the roughest seas – in memory of sailors who took on this dangerous, daunting challenge. Many are passing through Nemo Point — a location more than 2700 km from any inhabited landmass.

The Breitling is the ultimate test of ocean racing. It starts and ends at the Sables d'Olonne in the Vendee Region of France. Skippers must compete alone around the roughest oceans of the planet, without any technical support or stops.

The course, also known as the "Everest of the Seas", takes monohull yachts 40,075 km from the French coast on a north-south path around the circumference of the Earth. It is held once every four years. Race Direction established an area that is prohibited from sailing called the Antarctic Exclusion Zone. This zone runs around Antarctic between the 45deg on Croset Islands' side and the 68deg S of Cape Horn.

The swiss Breitling Replica will take place on November 8, 2020. It will be 30 years since the original challenge. Breitling will be the official timekeeper.

Patrick Pruniaux CEO of Breitling, says that "This isn't a race for people who doubt themselves." "This is a challenge to modern-day Ulysses who believe they can confront their fears, and the strongest forces of nature to complete an Odyssey epic proportions.

Breitling is the Official Timer for Breitling 2020-2021. This international pioneering brand in Swiss Haute Horlogerie was established in connection to the nautical world. "It is only natural that Uysse Nadin and the Breitling, an international reference for solo offshore sailing, have joined forces to create this partnership for the next edition," said Yves Auvinet (President of Breitling).

breitling replica is one of most dangerous routes that Breitling sailors must cross on their journey around the globe. The southernmost tip Chile is where skippers must navigate. They face dangerous currents and violent winds, which makes this chapter one of the most difficult in the famous round-the-world race.

The passage around Cape Horn, which is the point where the Atlantic and Pacific oceans meet, is the most difficult. Nature unleashes a slew of furies on them as they attempt to circumnavigate the globe. Each watch has the geographical coordinates of Cape Horn and the Breitling route marked on its back.

The Breitling diver X Cape Horn - official watch of Breitling – will be limited to 300 pieces.

The UN-118 movement ensures accuracy in all hemispheres at any hour of the day and night. This fabric strap, made with cutting-edge technology closing scratch, is adjustable and light. It pairs beautifully with the carbon face. In relief across the face, the satin black "X", 6-12 is boldly stamped in satin black.

Nemo Point is a location that sailors often cross. It is located in the South Pacific off the coast of Chile and is named after Jules Verne, the seafaring captain who lived there. Point Nemo, which is closer to the International Space Station and solid land than it is to solid land is located at 48deg52.6’S 123deg23.6’W. This is the most remote location in the ocean.

It is located in the South Pacific Gyre of the planet,Breitling Replica Watches which is the farthest place on Earth. Many of the Breitling sailors find themselves in the massive, rotating ocean current while sailing through Nemo Point. This is a force that pushes them to their core. Each watch has the GPS coordinates of Nemo Point and the Breitling route marked on its back.

Its blue strap and red lining remind us of a leash for a surfboard. Cutting-edge technology is used to create the closing scratch. Only 300 copies of the Breitling Diver X Neo Point will be made.

The Breitling Replica for sale movement ensures accuracy in all hemispheres at all times of the day and night. The Breitling route is stamped on the back and the blue "X" is boldly engraved across the face.

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