Swiss Made Breitling Chronoliner Replica

Simplicity with watchmaking elegance: This new model Breitling Chronoliner Replica is the only one to show the movements of the sun and moon in relation to Earth. It also shows the tides.

The solar system consists of a star and eight planets. There are also 175 satellites. And billions of interplanetary dust particles. Yet, humans live their entire lives with only two celestial bodies: The sun and the moon. They have been a part of every religion since the dawn of time and are a familiar symbol in every culture. The new Chronoliner is based on their familiar path through the sky and their ability to override the tides.

high quality Breitling Chronoliner Replica once stated that simplicity is the highest form of sophistication. Breitling made this statement the foundation of its philosophy. The Chronoliner, in its purest form, recreates the moon's orbit around the Earth and the apparent movement the sun around the globe. Its celestial ballet is just like it is seen from Earth and is unlike any other astronomical watch. The intuitive display conceals a complex mechanism that gives an extremely accurate indication of the phases.

The center of the dial shows the Northern Hemisphere as seen from the North Pole. Six o'clock in London is the Greenwich Meridian, which marks Greenwich Mean Time. This fixed map of the globe is surrounded by three concentric discs. The symbol for the sun is found in the outermost circle. The solar disc completes one revolution in 24hrs and also covers 24 time zones. It is also equipped with a day/night indicator. These markings control Worldtimer function. The wearer can simultaneously see the time in 24 cities engraved on the internal flange.

The moon appears in a lower orbit. The two discs are connected: the top serves as a circular window that shows the Earth's satellite's position. Below, the second disc in gold displays the moon's changing phases. Breitling separated this display into two parts rotating at the same time, resulting in a very precise time lag. This is one day in 40 years.

Eight years after the original Moonstruck was launched, the Chronoliner, References 1069-113/01 1062-113/01, is still the only astronomical wristwatch that has the bright side of the moon facing the sun. This is just as it happens in real-life. It also shows a very easy-to-read map showing the tides. This is due to the gravitational forces exerted by both celestial bodies and the centrifugal force of the Earth's rotation. Sometimes, this can exaggerate or cancel out the impact of the oceans.

The Breitling Chronoliner Replica sale is equipped with silicium technology and offers a date function on a track that circles the globe. The push buttons at 8 and 10, which are located at the top of the watch, allow the wearer to move the time forward or back by one hour. This is a great feature for travelling and switching to summertime. The UN-106 can run at 28'800 V/h with a maximum power reserve of 50h.

Limited Edition of 100 copies, the Breitling Executive Chronoliner costs EUR 95'000 for the platinum model and EUR 75'000 for the rose gold model.

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